Sunday, 12 April 2015

Old Photos

Oops, it's been forever again. I was going through some of my old photos and I found these and wanted to share them with you all. I'm really sorry I haven't posted in ages but I'm trying, I promise.
Hope you enjoy
xx Emma

Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Playlist

Hey everyone! I know, I know, it's been ages but I think it's about time I uploaded another post for you all. I haven't posted in ages because I have been starting school up again ... whatever, not interesting. Anyway, I decided that because February is almost over that I should compile a list of some of my favourite songs from this month - usually involving crazy dancing in my room. Completely obsessed with the new Veronica's album - kinda had it on repeat. If you haven't heard it go listen to it right now. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

I hope to get back into a more regular posting schedule again soon.

Until next time

*I know I said on Instagram that I would post it a few days ago but I went away and didn't have internet*

Monday, 26 January 2015

Back to School Essentials

Hello again lovelies!
So, I start up school again tomorrow... can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But I do have some pretty good teachers and some interesting subjects so that's good. Anyway, because it's around back to school time for everyone, I have decided to do a back to school essentials post. This is just what I use everyday at school. I hope you all enjoy!

I take notebooks, my planner and my pencil case with all of my stationary. I also take textbooks and any novels That I am currently studying in English. This year I'm looking at To Kill A Mockingbird, Town and Romeo and Juliet which is interesting although I've never actually read any of those or even heard of Town.

This is my planner which I got from a newsagent for around $30. I have actually never really used a planner before which is part of the reason I am super disorganised but I plan to use it this year mainly for marking when my assignments and exams are and also for planning posts and events. I find having a pretty planner helpful... I don't know why but something about it makes me want to use it more than just a plain black one.

Notebooks! I love choosing my notebooks at the start of the year. I got the one on the top left and also the bottom one from Typo and the NYC Dreams one from Kmart as a spare for when the other two run out. I love Typo stationary at the moment because it's just so pretty! Last time I went I actually saw a pen with a moustache on the end and I was going to get it but decided not to, I don't remember why though. And if you haven't already seen them, the cards that Typo sells are AMAZING!

I just got this pencil case from Kmart because I needed a small one to carry from class to class and I saw this and thought it was so cute. It actually fits all my stationary too (except for my massive scientific calculator) and its reinforced to stay in this cool prism shape.

I have all the essential stationary in my little pencil case. I also have some art pencils but I only take them when I have art to save space. Most of my stationary is from Kmart or Officeworks except for the highlighters which are from Smiggle.

Finally, I usually take a few extras. I generally take my phone and earphones because some teachers let you listen to music in class as long as you work. I also sometimes take a book, generally towards the end of the term after assignments and exams are over as sometimes we get free time to do whatever we want. At the moment I am reading Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead which is the third book in the Vampire Academy series. If you haven't read it I would  recommend it, they're really good books. 

I hope you enjoyed my back to school essentials post and have fun at school whether you are starting soon or you have already gone back.

Until next time
Emma x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

DIY Inspiration Board

Hello again lovelies!
I'm super excited for this post because I have been working on this for a while. I decided that I needed to update my room a little bit without making any drastic changes so this was great. I was inspired by different photo wall images I found on Pinterest but didn't want to risk ruining my walls with heaps of tape and/or blue tack so I decided to do an inspiration board. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe try one yourself.  

You will need:

  • a pinboard
  • paint (I used the paint we used on our walls when we moved but other paint will also work)
  • painters tape
  • paintbrushes
  • pictures (I found mine on Pinterest but you can use any)
  • pins

*If your board already has borders in the colour you want skip to step 4*

Step 1: 
Lay your pinboard down in a large area where you can also use paint without getting in trouble if you make a mess. Carefully use the painters tape around the edges to prevent getting paint on the actual board. Mine moved around slightly so I found it impossible to completely avoid getting paint on the board but this may not be case with yours.

Step 2: (skip this step if you are not using wall paint)
Apply a thin layer of paint primer on the frame of your board. Make sure to get around the edges and also on the inside edges. Essentially, if you are going to paint there, apply this first.

Step 3:
Apply two thin layers of the paint of your choice around the frame of the board. It's possible that you may need more layers depending on the type of paint you use. If the paint is still too thin after two layers just add more layers as opposed to making it thicker because this will take too long to dry.

Step 4: 
Print off and cut out the pictures that you want on your board. You could also just use all your own artwork or anything really. I have even seen people loop necklaces over the pins. After you have all your pictures cut out work on laying them out on your board. This will take time, trust me. It took multiple tries before all my pictures fit nicely on the board with minimal gaps. I even had to print off some more pictures to make everything look good. Be careful not to do this anywhere with a breeze because you don't want all your work to just blow away. Nope that would be bad. 

Step 5: 
Once you have all your pictures laid out in a format that you like, you can start pinning! Where possible, try to pin two pictures with one pin by overlapping corners. Be careful as some pins are quite long and will stick out the back of the board and maybe even go out past the frame.

The final product! Best thing about this is that the pictures can be changed really easily so you can change it around whenever you like. After this the only thing left to do is hang it up and admire your new inspiration board. Of course, you don't have to hang it, you could just stand it up on a shelf or your desk or anywhere really. 

So I hope you enjoyed this post. It was super fun to create and write.
Until next time
Emma xx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

5 Confidence Tips

Improving your confidence comes with a sense of freedom to be yourself. I know that my confidence levels are low, but I have been using some of these tips and slowly my confidence is improving.

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1. Love yourself first
Confidence is obviously a self-grown attribute. If you don't love yourself how can you be confident? Try keeping a journal of positive things that happen each day. It could be meeting someone new, trying something different or seeing something amazing. Focus on your strengths as a person and do things that interest you. If you really like sports, play sports but if you are more of an inside person that likes to read and draw, that's fine. Don't do things that will make you unhappy.

2. Fake it 'till you make it
Practice confidence and you will eventually train your brain into being more confident. When you meet new people, make eye contact, introduce yourself and smile. Even if you're not feeling confident at all make sure you appear outwardly confident and people will believe that you are. If you start to doubt yourself just push through and believe in yourself, you will be better off in the end.

3. Stand tall
How you carry yourself is a good indicator of how you feel about yourself. For example, if you slouch or walk around looking at your feet (probably not the most interesting sight) you will appear closed off and nervous. Stand up straight, put your shoulders back and keep your head held high and you will look approachable and friendly.

4. It's in the Smile
People are more likely to talk to you if you look nice. Try smiling, this will make you look and feel more confident. When you smile, make sure to also smile with your eyes. There is a reason why fake smiles are easy to pick out and it’s because the expression isn’t shown within the person’s eyes.

5. Find positive friends
Finally, surround yourself with positive people who will boost your confidence levels. If you surround yourself with insecure people it becomes harder to boost your own self esteem. Being happy is easier when the people you are with are happy.

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There you go! Five tips for being more confident. Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, I have been catching up with friends but I promise I will post more often now.

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it is very text heavy.

Until next time
Emma x